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Plant friends: big announcement, WE’VE MOVED.

I’ve been returning to the concept of pruning as I go through many unforeseen changes in life these days: the biggest being that Billy and I have made the decision to move out of our tiny NYC apartment in search of adventure and more space. Today I share the science behind pruning, and how it’s been helping me stay present and trust these sudden and unexpected changes will all work out. I hope it helps you in your transitions and changes of 2020 as well!

In this episode we'll learn:

  • Maria's big moving news and why her and Billy made the choice to leave their Urban Jungle
  • How Maria has been using the concept of pruning to help get her through this tough, sad time of leaving NYC
  • The science of how pruning works within a plant and actually triggers more growth
  • A chance to take a minute and look at life a little differently


I filmed a tour of my apartment before we left! 100+ Plants in less than 500 square feet! Check it out!


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