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palm care


When I look at a large gorgeous palm, outside or indoors, I immediately get tropical vibes from their huge leaves, the way they sway in the wind, and the way the leaves cascade over their delicate stems. They just have a certain something that creates an instant jungle vibe. However, palms are also notoriously tricky plants to successfully care for! Lucky for us, Chris of NYC Plant Doctor comes to the rescue with expert advice and knowledge on how to properly care for our palms, and how not to kill them as I did with my fan palm. Enjoy!


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In this episode we learn:

  • [00:04:16] Chris shares his insane window setup in his new New York apartment!
  • [00:06:38] Some interesting trivia about the Arecaceae family
  • [00:08:04] The most common palms that you probably didn’t even know you know: coconut palm, carnauba palm, date palm, and more!
  • [00:11:15] Where the Arecaceae family got its name
  • [00:11:33] Three morphological groups of palm: rhizomatous, lianas, and arborescent
  • [00:14:53] Where palms grow in nature, their history, and their uses over time
  • [00:17:23] Why you won’t see rings in your palms
  • [00:19:53] Examples of cold-hardy palms and where to find them
  • [00:22:47] Chris gets real about palms: they are hard for beginners!
  • [00:23:16] Watering and humidity needs of your palm plants
  • [00:25:07] How to differentiate salt damage vs humidity issues in your palms
  • [00:26:39] Should you use distilled water or rainwater for your palms?
  • [00:28:44] The right soil for the palm you have
  • [00:30:38] Signs that your palm is happy, and signs that it’s not
  • [00:31:19] How much light do palms need? Chris shares a big myth-buster about palms and light
  • [00:32:41] Chris explains why palms can be difficult to grow: they are temperature-sensitive
  • [00:33:48] Did you know you can extend your garden harvest through fall and even over winter?
  • [00:35:12] The biggest threat to your garden
  • [00:36:42] How to fertilize your palm tree – and why they don’t need much!
  • [00:40:59] Chris expert advice on repotting your palms
  • [00:41:54] Why you should not plant your palms in terracotta pots
  • [00:43:44] The most common pests of palms, and why Chris doesn’t have palms in his home
  • [00:45:17] Maria talks about the one important aspect of plant parenthood: knowing what works for you and what doesn’t
  • [00:49:33] How to propagate your palms
  • [00:50:13] Can you really grow coconut indoors, and if yes, how?
  • [00:51:41] How can you control a palm’s growth?
  • [00:53:17] What to do when your palm gets pests
  • [00:55:57] Some fast palm facts from Chris!
  • [00:58:36] The best palm to get for beginners
  • [01:02:39] Maria’s reflections on palms and caring for them

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