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How to Care for a Lot of Plants (AKA Have a Large Plant Collection) with Samantha of @houseplusplant, Ep 235



If you have 250 plants in your home, what would you do? That seems like WAY too many plants to care for, right? But for Samantha Hermann, better known as @houseplusplant on Instagram, this is her second nature. She’s my newest plant friend, and I’m so excited to have a casual conversation with her on this episode (let me know if you want more episodes like this). Samantha has been successfully keeping that many plants alive and happy for years, and I’m sure it’s a lot of work. But she’s here to share her best tips for managing a large indoor plant collection without stressing out!


In this episode, we learn:

  • [04:46] Meet Samantha, the houseplant expert with over 250+ plant babies
  • [05:37] What happened at the recent Tropical Plant International Expo?
  • [11:22] When did Samantha start collecting houseplants?
  • [15:09] Grow healthy plants in any corner of your home with Soltech’s stylish grow lights
  • [17:26] Make your houseplants happy with Espoma Organic's high-quality, premium potting mixes
  • [21:39] Why you should try new methods/species to avoid boredom and burnout
  • [25:30] How Samantha’s plant collection has evolved over the years
  • [30:51] What does Samantha’s research process look like for a plant? 
  • [32:30] Why is trial and error in plant care important?
  • [36:25] How does she take care of her plants every day?
  • [39:24] What is her approach to controlling pests?
  • [45:44] How does she care for her plants while she is away? (and smart home gadgets!)
  • [51:25] Tips for maximizing your plant space through styling and organization
  • [57:23] What are the challenges she faced having to take care of a large plant collection?
  • [01:03:03] Why you shouldn’t let plant care become a source of stress (dark side of plant care)
  • [01:03:59] Tips for moms on how to manage both children and plants
  • [01:08:35] Starting her Instagram plant account
  • [01:11:20] When did she realize that she wanted to be a full-time plant content creator?
  • [01:14:37] Where can you find Samantha on social media?



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Samantha’s Plant Parent Approach

With four kids, a dog, and hundreds of plants, Samantha is a pretty chill plant parent. In fact, she doesn't do strict watering schedules or frequent repottings. She embraces something more like a survival of the fittest mentality—just meet each plant's needs as they come up.

So instead of one big watering day–which can take hours, water just a couple of plants each day as needed. Spend 10 to 20 minutes each morning walking around, checking on your plants. So if anything needs water, grab your pump sprayer bottle with fertilized solution (this is what Samantha uses) and simply water any plants that are thirsty that day.

The philosophy here is all about taking time each day to really look at and enjoy your plants. That's how you'll catch any potential issues early before they become problems.


Simple Plant Care Systems

Of course, caring for hundreds of plant babies still requires some practical systems and tools. According to Samantha, consider investing in automated watering stakes for your thirstier plants like alocasias. It’s like a stick that you put near the plant's roots to water it right where it needs it. 

For hard-to-reach hanging plants, you can use a telescoping watering wand (a tool with a slender tube that can extend or retract). And if you have grow lights, make sure to put them on automatic timers.

When it comes to pests, Samantha recommends spraying down new plants with insecticidal soap as a preventative measure. If you see issues starting, treat that plant with something like horticultural oil until it's resolved.


Letting Go of Plants When Needed

It's okay to let plants go when they no longer bring you joy. I’m not kidding.

Even with her chill approach, Samantha says it's important to let go of plants you're not enjoying anymore. If you find yourself neglecting or feeling “meh” about a plant, don't be afraid to gift it away, sell it, or compost it without guilt.

Accept the fact that plants naturally have a life cycle. Letting go of “plant guilt” helps keep this hobby fun and joyful, which is the whole point of having plants! It’s supposed to be something to help you de-stress.


Style Your Plant Collection

One of the most impressive things about Samantha's plant areas is how stylish and uncluttered they look. She recommends using neutral-colored planters, group plants together, and incorporating different heights with shelves and plant stands.

Keeping your color palette simple helps make the eye focus on the beautiful plants, not distracting patterns and colors. Not to mention, different heights make it feel more like a scene set in a jungle.


An Important Lesson on Collecting Plants

At the end of the day, plants should enrich your life, not cause you constant stress and anxiety. If taking care of your plants stops feeling like a fun hobby, then it's time to re-evaluate.

Maybe you need to downsize your collection temporarily. Or you could buy varieties that do not need as much care. Or get better plant care tools to save time and effort. The goal is finding more joy, not to make more work for yourself.

So if you've been dreaming of a huge indoor garden, take a cue from Samantha. Set yourself up for success with smart systems and realistic expectations. And most of all, prioritize your own happiness above anything else. Caring for plants should be a relaxing and enjoyable activity!



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