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9 Interior Design Tips to Apply to Your Garden with Kelly of Decorating Tips and Tricks, Ep 187



Interior design principles are not limited to our indoor spaces! For us plant parents, interior design and gardening may initially appear as separate domains, but there are numerous similarities between the two—so much so that the principles of one can be applied to the other. In this episode, we'll learn from Kelly Wilkniss of Decorating Tips and Tricks podcast as she shares nine valuable interior design tips that can be applied to transform your garden into a stunning, cohesive, and joyful space.


In this episode, we learn:

  • [04:50] How has Kelly’s gardening passion intersected with her interior design career?
  • [07:16] What inspired Kelly to do an all-white garden
  • [08:45] What is Kelly’s interior design style?
  • [10:30] Kelly’s opinion on modernizing antiques
  • [12:01] How did she transition from being a lawyer to an interior designer?
  • [14:08] Where can you find stylish lights for upgrading indoor plant environments?
  • [16:04] Where to find a personalized Mother's Day gift that includes handcrafted wind chimes
  • [20:31] Tip #1 Take a photo of interior and exterior spaces (it promotes a cohesive design flow!)
  • [21:56] Tip #2 Limit your color palette
  • [25:18] Tip #3 Create a flow
  • [33:49] A must-have book for outdoor living area design ideas with mix-and-match suggestions and before-and-after pictures
  • [35:10] Tip #4 Plant in odd numbers
  • [37:55] Tip #5 Layering!
  • [40:44] Tip #6 Balance and scale
  • [44:26] Tip #7 Visual noise
  • [48:48] Tip #8 The touch of black
  • [52:08] Tip #9 Not having an ugly storage
  • [01:00:13] Where can you find Kelly on social media?


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Who is Kelly

Kelly is an awesome interior designer who's also crazy about gardening. She's amazing at making spaces look beautiful and functional, both inside and out.

With Kelly’s knowledge of both design and gardening, she's the perfect person to give tips on how to make your garden look amazing and inviting.

Kelly co-hosts the Decorating Tips and Tricks podcast, where she shares her love and knowledge of design and gardening with people from all over the globe.


Interior Design Tips for Your Garden

Tip #1: Take Photos

Taking photos is the ultimate way to gain a fresh perspective on your living space or garden. When we see the same surroundings every day, our eyes tend to overlook small details or clutter that could be affecting the overall look and feel of the space.

By taking a photo, you can get a clear assessment of the room or garden, and spot areas that need improvement!


Tip #2: Limit Your Color Palette

Kelly shares that controlling your color palette creates a clean and cohesive design that is visually appealing for your garden.

Choose a few primary colors to work with—adding in complementary or contrasting accents as you see fit—and you'll find that your garden radiates harmony and balance.


Tip #3: Create a Flow

Establish a sense of flow from your living space to your garden to make your outdoor area feel like an extension of your home.

Consider using similar outdoor furniture styles, or utilizing planters and decorations that are consistent with your indoor aesthetic. Creating this flow will enhance the harmony throughout your space.


Tip #4: Plant in Odd Numbers

Odd numbers have been proven to be more visually appealing, especially in groupings. When designing your garden, plant in clusters of three, five, or seven similar plants to create a sense of unity and balance, which ultimately enhances your garden's visual impact.


Tip #5: Layering!

Layering is critical in interior design, and this principle extends to gardening as well. Combining plants of different heights, textures, and colors creates depth and interest in your garden.

Start with larger plants as the foundation and build around them by mixing in mid-height and smaller plants for a rich, visually appealing composition.


Tip #6: Balance and Scale

Striking the right balance between the size of your plants, furniture, and garden accessories creates a pleasing and proportionate aesthetic. Make sure that your plants are appropriate in scale for your garden space and that furniture and accessories complement and enhance the overall design.


Tip #7: Visual Noise

Limit visual noise in your garden by carefully selecting your plants, decorations, and furniture. Visual noise can be distracting and overwhelming, resulting in disharmony between the different elements in your space.

Be mindful of the materials, colors, and styles you choose to create a calming, cohesive space!


Tip #8: The Touch of Black

Adding touches of black throughout your garden provides a sense of grounding and elegance. Black furniture, planters, or decor can serve as visual anchors in your garden, giving your outdoor space a sophisticated, timeless look that works well with various styles and color palettes.


Tip #9: Not Having an Ugly Storage

Keep your garden free of clutter and unsightly storage by investing in attractive and functional solutions.

Consider stylish storage containers, hidden compartments, or multi-purpose furniture to ensure your garden remains tidy, organized, and visually appealing!


By applying these interior design tips to your garden, you'll be sure to create a space that is not only beautiful but also cohesive, functional, and joyful. These principles can guide you as you design both your home's interior and your garden, ultimately elevating the overall aesthetics and ensuring a harmonious and inviting environment.


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