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Bloom and Grow Radio Podcast Directory!

I’ve created the Bloom and Grow Radio Podcast Directory because…. we’ve got a LOT of episodes for you to listen to! As it might be difficult to know where to start when looking down a feed of 100 episodes, I’ve broken down the episode categories into the following: Individual Plant Care, Nerdy Science Breakdowns, Wellness, Planty Business, Seasonal, DIY, Gardening, Lifestyle, Food and People. Each episode number and title is listed below each category. They aren’t linked as I know people listen to the show on many different players.

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I hope this directory helps you continue to Bloom and Grow!

Individual Plant Care

92: Begonias: Care, History and More

84: African Violets 101 with the Houseplant Guru

82: Winter Plant Care with Darryl from Houseplant Journal and Gardenstead

71: Low Light Plants for Beginners and Advanced Plant Parents with The Houseplant Guru

69/70 Growing Cannabis 

68: Peperomia 101 with Nick Pileggi

50: Maranta, Calathea and Stromanthe with NYBG

49: Plant Parent Lessons Learned in 2018

44/45: Aroids 101 with Ingrid from NSE Tropicals

38: Transitioning Your Plants Back Indoors for Winter

35: How to Grow Succulents/Cacti Indoors 

26: Pest Control with Summer Rayne Oakes

25: The Fiddleleaf Fig with @leighkiyoko

14: Pilea Peperomiodes with Mackenna from

4: Plants for the Advanced Plant Parent

3: How to Not Kill Your Succulents

2: Top 5 Houseplants for Beginners

Nerdy Science Breakdowns

97: “Aha Moments” from Intro to Plant Science with NYBG

95: Understanding Drainage and the Perched Water Table

81: Root-ology with Leslie Halleck

80: Plant Laws and Patents

79: Variegation 101 with Chris Satch

77: Semi or Passive Hydroponics with Kay from @inrootedlove

76: Hydroponic Gardening 101 with Rob from Farm One

75: The Science of Soil with Dr Mark from Metrolina Greenhouse

74: Grow lights 101 with Leslie Halleck

69/70: Growing Cannabis 

64: Propagation 101 with Leslie Halleck

54: Plant Latin 101

52: Soil Aeration and Thriving vs Surviving in Low Light

46/47 Understanding Natural Light with Leslie Halleck

43: Your Brain on Plants 

33: Monstera 101 with TropicoLoco or Scott from @BoysWithPlants

32: Airplants 101 with Airplantman

30: Orchid 101 with Chris Satch

29: Indoor Citrus with MI Gardener

17: THe Studies Behind Why Plants Make People Happy

12: Everything You Need to Know about Indoor Grow Lights

7: Propagation 101 with The Operating System

Plants and Wellness

98: Pruning Back to Inspire Growth

86: Pause with Plants to Release Stress and Increase Calm with Brittany from Pause with Plants

78: When Your Orchid Doesn’t Bloom

73: Indoor Plant Appreciation and the Amazon Rainforest

69/70 Growing Cannabis 

59: How to Cultivate Healthy Plant Community: Online and IRL

56: Community Episode: Plant Fail Lessons

55: Lessons Learned in the Redwood Forest

51: Tips for Living with a Crazy Plant Person with Billy (My Fiance!)

46: You’re Doing Great

40: Pruning

37: Horticultural Therapy

28: The Tale of the Tomato Plant

21: Changing of the Seasons

13: Planty Friendships

10: Bloom and Grow at Your Own Rate

Planty Business

39: Growing Your Business like You Tend Your Garden with Gardenuity

24: How to Start a Plant Shop with Folia CollectiveSeasonal



82: Winter Plant Care

62: Living with Plants in the Desert

61: How to Move with Plants

58: How to Identify a Plant with No Name Tag with Summer Rayne Oakes

53: Plants IRL with MickMitty 

45: Maria’s Favorite Things: Holiday Gift Guide

38: Transitioning Your Plants Back Indoors for Winter

26: Pest Control with Summer Rayne Oakes

23: Mother’s Day Special

18: Prepping Your Houseplants for Spring with Chris Satch

5,6:  Christmas Tree Extravaganza

DIY Projects

60: DIY Succulent Crowns with Infinite Succulent

42: How to Make a Moss Pole

19: Terrarium 101 with TeenyTinyTerra

16: Mounting Epiphytes with Cleverbloom


96: Common Garden Pests with Nadia from UrbanFarmSista

91: 10 Tips for Edible Landscaping and Beginning Gardeners with My Mom

89: Fundamentals of Vegetable Gardening with NYBG

72: Fall Garden Plants and Projects with Joe Lampl

63: Container Gardening 101 with Kevin from Epic Gardening

57: Pollinators and Native Bees

22: Windowsill Herb Gardening

20: Talking Tomatoes with Craig LeHoullier

69/70: Growing Cannabis 


36: Growing a Large Urban Jungle in a Small Space and Humidity Hacks

31: Plants and Babies with Molly Mansfield

27: Plants in the Classroom with MrDTimes3

15: 5 Tips for Curating and Growing  a Planty Instagram with @plantingpink

9: Cats and Plants

4: Plants for the Advanced Plant Parent

2: Top 5 Houseplants for Beginners


83: Herbal Mixology


94: Growing Together

93: The Wild World of Plant-Tube

90: Jane Peronne of On the Ledge Podcast

88: Inspirational Stories and Ideas for Isolating Times

85: Historic Black Plant People and Top 5 Plants from Africa with Colah from Black in the Garden Podcast

66: PlantKween

65: A Plant’s Journey from Grower to Your Home with Mickey Hargitay

87: My Fiance Cared for My Plants for a Year While I was Gone: Here’s What Happened

34: Hilton Carter

11: Inside the Mind of MrPlantGeek

8: Dirty Talk with Houseplant Journal

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