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Where are the Cute, Thoughtful Gardening Clothing and Accessories?

Dear Active Wear makers of the World- I've got a bone to pick with you!


I recently returned home to my parents house to spend a day in the Garden with my Mom, and was kind of shocked to what maniacs my mother and I looked like while trying to cover up while staying cool in the insane heat we were weeding and tending the garden in.


I took to my online community of plant friends and listeners to ask what they use while they garden, and was even MORE shocked to find out that no companies are designing clothing, or at least marketing their existing lines of SPF or sweat wicking active wear to the gardening community. What the heck guys?


Gardening is an incredibly active hobby that has a whole community of people waiting to be served! In the garden we are on our knees, pulling weeds, digging, planting, pruning, moving, SWEATING, and trying not to get sunburned.


When I go to spin class, boot camp, or hike- I want to wear intentional and technical clothes that have me looking cute- but also helping me stay cool and protect my skin… why would I not want these features in my gardening clothes?


If you have lines for outdoor activities like running, hiking and fishing, why not throw gardening into the mix?


I’d love to help you on this journey, if you’re interested in taking it!


When I polled my listeners about what I should buy my mom to protect her in the garden and have her looking adorable, here are brands they said they wear that work for them (but none of these are marketed to gardeners)

Athleta Sun Protection Line

Columbia PFG Line – Their Fishing Line that has sun reflective technology

Exofficio– Sun Protection lightweight hoodies that have insect repellent in the fabric (BRILLIANT)

Coolibar – Sun Protective clothing

Sunday Afternoon– Wide Brimmed Sun Protection Hats


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