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Planty Mother’s Day Gift Guide

If you listen to the Bloom and Grow Radio Podcast, you know that my inspiration for my house plant collection and balcony herb garden comes from my “green thumb” Mother. She has a thriving outdoor garden, nicknamed “Failla Farm” and has helped me transform my brown thumb into a green one.

My Mom and I on a trip to the Botanical Garden

For Mother’s Day, I wanted to put together a fun list of unique planty gifts that aren’t just your traditional gardening gloves or shears for all the Plant Lady Moms out there. I also wanted to include some options for Mothers who might not be Crazy Plant Ladies, but would love to green up their space in a low maintenance way, or maybe even for a planty daughter or son who wants to help inspire their Mom to green up their lives!

So spoil your Mom with these planty gifts on Mother’s Day and see her enjoy the benefits of them blooming and growing with her all year!

FYI: I am only recommending several brands in this blog as they are all companies I know, love, and work with personally. I’ve been able to get special discounts for my listeners, which you will see underlined in the blog.  Bloom and Grow Radio is an affiliate partner with several of these companies and will receive a portion of the sale, at no extra cost to you. Purchasing from this blog is a great way to support the show while supporting your Mom on Mother’s Day!


For the Mom that likes her wine…




What better way to repurpose those (many) empty Pinot Grigio and Rose bottles in your Moms recycling bin than to grow her own food in them!?

Urban Leaf is an amazing company that has made the “World’s Smallest Garden” by using the principals of hydroponic gardening to transform empty wine and beer bottles into gardening vessels. This kit will give your Mom everything she needs to grow Basil, Lemon Balm, and Purple Basil in her repurposed wine bottles. The process is essentially foolproof as you simply set the system up, stick it in your window, and watch the herbs grow!

Click here to purchase- use code “Bloom10” for a 10% discount at checkout!


For the Mom that likes to grow her own food…



Show her how to grow her own organic mushrooms from home with the Back to the Roots Organic Mushroom Growing Kit!

I am on my third mushroom kit now and am totally obsessed with this product! My mom actually gave one of these to me about 6 months ago when she saw it in a big box store, and my entire family is now hooked. This kit is so simple. You set it up and watch it explode with organic mushrooms that you harvest and cook with. It is so fun and satisfying to watch the mushrooms double in size so quickly and then harvest them. This is also a great option for Moms with children, as they can learn how to grow their own food together.

Click here to purchase and use the code BLOOM10 for 10% off at checkout!


For the Mom that cares about the environment…



Help the environment and food chain while elevating your garden with the Modern Sprout Pollinator Set

Modern Sprout has created this beautiful and creatively designed pollinator set; not only to help enhance your garden with gorgeous perennial wild flowers, but also to help the impending extinction of bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds. All of these animals play a huge role in our food supply. So using the pollinators in her garden helps on her end, and then 10% of the proceeds from each sale will be donated to the Pollinator Partnership.

Click here to purchase and use code “B&G10” for 10 % off at checkout!


For the Planty Mom who likes to DIY…




Help your mom turn her bookshelf into a jungle with the Modern Sprout Grow Bar

If you know a mom who loves a good DIY project and loves her plants, look no further than this Growbar! It’s a full spectrum LED light that you can install seamlessly just about anywhere. I installed it in my low light bookshelf and my high light plants couldn’t be more happy! Watch my 1 minute time-lapse video of my installation here. The light is also set on a timer with 3 settings and fades in and out to mimic the sun. Lots of succulents normally live in my planty bookshelf, but I also use the light to start my tomato seeds very successfully! If an installation is too much for your mom, but she’d love an easier option to illuminate her space, check out their Grow House.

Click here to purchase and use code “B&G10” for 10 % off at checkout!


For the daughter or son who can’t be with their Mom on Mother’s Day…




Treat them to a Mother’s Day Gift Bundle from The Sill!

Don’t send your mom the typical cut flower arrangement that dies a week after the box being opened! Send your Mom a plant, or collection of plants, in a beautiful, locally- sourced planter from The Sill that will live for years to come (my favorite planter color is Blush)! The Sill is my favorite plant delivery service, and I have successfully sent friends potted planty gifts all over the country using them. Mother’s Day Bundles come with free shipping as well!

Click here to purchase and use code “BLOOM5” for $5 off anything on their site!


Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms out there!

#keepblooming and #keepgrowing

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