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Darryl and his famous Monstera!


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By day, Toronto based Darryl Cheng is a Business Analyst for a Tech Company. By night, he is the creator of the incredibly popular blog and Instagram account – Houseplant Journal. Darryl’s commitment to excellence and his passion for plants and thirst for knowledge have turned him into the king of the internet houseplant world. What was initially a hobby Tumblr page has turned into an Instagram account with over 200,000 followers, a go to blog for anything plant related (, the beginnings of his very own houseplant care book and plant time lapse videos that have gone viral around the world.

Get ready… this is an epic episode for Bloom and Grow Radio. We cover a variety of topics, have deep thoughts about our plant friends, a little “dirty talk” and learn some secrets behind his collection. And if you stay tuned through the end of the show, Darryl gives us a sneak peak of another talent and passion of his, that is equally as impressive as his houseplant collection- but you’ll only find out if you stay tuned!

If you are interested in learning more about different aspects of soil for your houseplants, this episode is for you! If you are interested in learning more about Darryl’s journey as a Plant Parent- tune in!

In this episode we discuss:

  • The beginning of Darryl’s interest in houseplants and the creation of Houseplant Journal
  • The journey from a small tumlr hobby account to an Instagram account and blog with over 200,000 followers
  • The story behind his “insta-famous” Monstera
  • The story behind his famous time lapse videos
  • “Dirty Talk” with Darryl! Darryl breaks down all you need to know about soil for your houseplants
  • Organic vs Chemical Fertilizers
  • The importance of soil aeration
  • The reasons behind his Houseplant Care Book he is working on and how it will differ from the tradition Houseplant Books
  • Any houseplant’s “subjective lifespan”


Links for stuff mentioned in the interview!

Article of Darryl's Famous Monstera:

Article on Soil Aeration:

Article on Air Plants:

Time Lapse Videos!:

Airplant Time Lapse:

Soil Aeration Time Lapse:


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Twitter: @houseplantjrnl




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