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Episode 07: TheOperatingSystem: Plant Propagation 101 and Using Plants to Disconnect


Click here to listen to the episode! 

Olena Shmahalo, otherwise known as TheOperatingSystem on Instagram is the Art Director of Quanta Magazine by day, and has an Etsy shop where she sells her plant cuttings and plant themed merchandise by night. Originally from the Ukraine, Olena has been growing her Urban Jungle of over 150 plants over the span of several apartments. Her current apartment is a masterpiece of Urban Jungle artistry, and her photos that are envied on Instagram are not to be missed (give her a follow at @TheOperatingSystem).

We dive into how she created her Urban Jungle, tips for having a successful relationship with so many plants and she walks us through how to propagate plants for ourselves!

If you are interested in learning the stories behind her amazing Instagram Photos this episode is for you! If you are  curious about how to propagate your own plants, this episode is for you!

In this episode you will learn:

  • The evolution of Olena’s Urban Jungle
  • Olena’s favorite places to buy plants
  • Tourism tips for Plant People
  • The secret to how Olena keeps her plants happy
  • Relationship advice for Plant Parents
  • The joys of her Etsy shop and the process of buying and sending her cuttings
  • Propagation 101

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Here is the amazon link to the Propagation Book Olena mentions in today’s episode:

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Here are the previously mentioned photos from the interview:

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