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Bloom & Grow Garden Society Press Release

Bloom & Grow Media reimagines the traditional Garden Society by launching the first of its kind, fully virtual Garden Society Platform & App.

Introducing the Bloom & Grow Garden Society: Expert-led houseplant and gardening education with a community of plant friends at your fingertips.


NEW YORK — The Bloom & Grow Garden Society is a one-stop-shop for plant parents ready to join a like-minded community of plant friends ready to take the next step in their plant care education.

The founder, Maria Failla, is a self-proclaimed “plant killer turned plant lady” on a mission to help everyone care for plants successfully and cultivate more joy in their lives. After wanting to listen to a podcast about houseplant care and not being able to find one, she launched the Bloom & Grow Radio Podcast where she interviews plant experts on a variety of topics.

Throughout her years as a leading voice in the plant hobbyist community, Maria has received countless requests from followers to create a private platform where plant friends can connect off traditional social media, and access high-quality plant science education to further their passion for plants.

Maria Failla, Founder of Bloom & Grow Virtual Garden Society and Podcast

The Bloom & Grow Radio Garden Society is her answer to her community’s request.

A membership to the Bloom & Grow Garden Society provides members with:

  • Monthly Node of Knowledge in-depth plant science and care lectures with the Garden Society’s Horticulturist in Residence on topics such as “The Science of Plant Dormancy”, “Grow Lighting 101”, “Plant Variegation”, “Seed Starting 101”, “Plant Nutrition”, and more.
  • Monthly Ask Your Horticulturist Anything (AHA) office hours with Society Horticulturist in Residence to troubleshoot personal plant care or gardening issues. 
  • Monthly  Growing Joy Meetings with Maria to connect and explore the intersection where plant care meets self-care.
  • 24/7 access to the Bloom & Grow Garden Society App which has dedicated interactive member conversation spaces for gardening, houseplants, plant-inspired DIYs, plant swaps and more.

On launching the Garden Society,

Maria said, “I created something I wish I had earlier in my journey of going from plant killer to plant lady. When I was falling in love with plants, I craved high-quality education that was beyond a basic blog or YouTube, but didn’t want to splurge on an intense university plant science course with tests and grades. The Bloom & Grow Garden Society fills that void between general, unvetted plant care guidance and expensive college level education- a perfect fit for enthusiasts or aspiring plantrepreneurs who are ready to grow in a deeper, more efficient, affordable way.”

The most unique aspect of the Bloom & Grow Garden Society is the collaboration between passionate plant parent, Maria, and the Society’s Horticulturist in Residence,
Leslie F. Halleck.  

Together, this plant enthusiast (Maria) and plant nerd (Leslie) make the perfect dream team to help plant parents across the spectrum get blooming and get growing, baby! There is no other educational opportunity that provides both horticulturist and enthusiast, to support a community growing together.

Halleck is a dedicated professional horticulturist and life-long gardener and who is passionate about plants, gardening and the horticulture industry. Leslie holds an M.S. in Horticulture from Michigan State University, and a B.S. in Biology & Botany from The University of North Texas. She is a Certified Professional Horticulturist (CPH) via The American Society for Horticulture Science and brings with her 30 years of horticulture industry and teaching experience. Halleck is an award-winning writer for industry and consumer publications, as well as a book author of the titles Gardening Under Lights, The Complete Guide for Indoor Growers , Plant Parenting: Easy Ways to Make More Houseplant, Vegetables and Flowers, and Tiny Plants; Discover the Joys of Growing and Collecting Itty Bitty Houseplants.


Leslie Halleck, Garden Society Horticulturist in Residence

On stepping into the role of Horticulturist in Residence,

Leslie said, “ As a Certified Professional Horticulturist, my role as the Horticulturist in Residence at The Bloom and Grow Garden Society is to lead members in their plant and gardening learning journeys. My classes on the platform provide members with quality, in-depth plant science and applied horticulture and gardening knowledge to help them grow their plant collections and gardens with confidence and community. What I'm most excited about is that I have a dedicated online (private) classroom in the Bloom and Grow Garden Society where I offer students direct access to high-level quality plant and horticulture classes they otherwise may never have access to unless they are enrolled at a university. Our live AHAs sessions – where I spend one-on-one time with members who join the session to coach them on previous class lecture questions, or their own plants and gardens – is a particularly fun and rewarding part of our community experience.”


An unbeatable price:

The Bloom & Grow Garden Society is intentionally priced at the cost of one 8-inch plant per month ($39.99) or get two months free when signing up for an annual membership that is less than one university horticulture course ($399.99).

“I hope the Garden Society offers a safe space for plant parents to have one-of-a-kind, cost-effective access to university-level education at their fingertips,” said Failla. “Whether you’re a plant killer like I once was, a veteran gardener or anything in between, the Garden Society is promised to be the kindest, plantiest platform to meet and bloom and grow together.”


Sharable images and press kit:

Here is a press kit with Garden Society Logos and promo materials.


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