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Episode 3: How to not Kill Your Succulent and Learning Resiliance with Diana Zarins of How To Succulents

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Diana Zarins is the mastermind behind the Instagram account and Youtube channel How To Succulents. She is a “black thumb” turned #succulentwhisperer with a following of over 70,000 followers who turn to her for succulent inspiration and education. Her Youtube channel has videos specifically about succulent care and DIY projects that are so freaking helpful!

If you want to learn how to better care for your succulents, this is the episode for you!

In the episode you will learn:

  • Diana’s journey from “black thumb” to succulent lover
  • Her extensive collection of 300 indoor and outdoor succulents
  • Why succulents are great houseplants
  • 5 things to know to NOT kill your succulent – drainage, water, light, temperature, infestation
  • The secret to knowing how dry your soil really is
  • Transitioning plants from indoors to outdoors for the changing of the seasons
  • Best “starter succulent”
  • How to use her hashtags to learn more about succulent care #propagationweek #howtobeasucculentwhisperer
  • Using succulents to inspire hardiness and grit in your everyday life


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